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How to buy a health practice business in PERTH

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Are you planning to buy a health practice business in Perth? Whether you want to change your work environment, have a transformative idea to shake up your profession or you're pushed by a simple passion for healthcare, whatever your reasons are for buying a health practice - the market is looking favorable now and into the future.

My guide will help you acquire the business that suits your needs. So what's the process for finding the right business for you?

1. Choosing businesses to approach for M&A

Book an obligation-free 30-minute confidential appointment with Catheryn Wright to explore your best options for growth or purchasing. Appointments can be made during or outside business hours, at your preferred location, and face to face, phone or online. Catheryn Wright is the leading qualified health practice business sales broker in Sydney with healthcare listings for sale. With her experience, she has connections to private dentists, medical specialists and practitioners, corporations, private equity, and qualified professionals who are looking to expand or establish a practice of their own, through buying and selling.

2. Get a team together

Serving the healthcare industry, Catheryn is an expert in medical practice brokerage, medical practice valuation, medical practice performance consulting, pre-transaction planning, and transition consulting. She assists with medical practices across Perth. Purchasing or selling a medical practice is likely to be the most important personal and financial decision of your life.

Maybe it is a detailed purchase or growth plan you require. Or perhaps you just want to make sure that you're making the best decision while considering the confidentiality, complexity, and emotional nature of this major transaction, Catheryn is there to ease the process for you. She will help in matters like:

  • Understanding why the business is sold

  • See how the business compares to others in that area

  • The industry trends and market forecasts

  • Conducting negotiations and closing the deal

3. Due Diligence

Here are some common questions you might have:

  • Are there opportunities for expansion in the future?

  • Do you know everything you need to know about the seller?

  • Are there reputational issues that are affecting the acquisition?

  • Is the expected purchase price reasonable?

  • Are your cultural values aligned?

  • Are they also talking to other companies?

  • Who will take responsibility for the deal?

  • Will the acquisition block other expansion opportunities?

  • How often are the company’s financial statements and tax returns audited?

It is good to do research about who you are going to merge with before you sign any documents. Working with like-minded people is essential. To learn more, read: What do buyers look for when buying a medical practice?

4. Finance

"It is always essential to ensure that you have enough money to make the deal. Finance is an integral part of the mergers and acquisitions process." Here are ideas on how to finance buying a business in Perth.

5. Sealing the deal

Catheryn will review your company’s readiness for undertaking your acquisition to achieve a successful integration. Together, you will collaborate to determine your strategic acquisition. Catheryn can assist in the appraisal, negotiation, and due diligence, and complete the acquisition or merger, including final negotiations, documentation, and any post-acquisition or merger matters.


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