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We've Partnered with Australia's Business Valuation Experts

Selling a business is such a major decision for any business owner, the actual process of selling a business requires careful consideration and planning, which can be difficult and stressful without previous experience. Partner with me to guide you through the sale journey to achieve the best result for you and your business. The first step is a tailored Business Valuation to understand a Fair Market Price for your business. We've partnered with Rushmore Group to provide independent business valuation reports.

Rushmore Group are dedicated forensic accountants and business valuation specialists. They provide expert business valuation reports for a diverse range of industries. Each report is meticulously prepared by a chartered and forensic accountant with over 20 years’ experience. Valuation reports are conducted at a fixed price of $4990 + GST. I will facilitate my client introduction to the Rushmore Group and report delivery.

The Rushmore Group guarantees that: - Each report is finalised within around 10 business days from receiving instructions to commence the business valuation. - Assumptions in the report are supported with appropriate reasoning and supporting material. - Opinions are clearly set out and supported with reasoning and appropriate documentation. - Each report is prepared to a “court” standard and our business valuers are prepared to give expert evidence in relation to the report, if required.

As an experienced M&A business broker advisor, I can assist you in evaluating offers, further understanding value drivers and sourcing a valuation for your business. Contact me today to book an obligation-free 30-minute appointment to explore your best options for sale, growth, succession or valuation. Appointments can be made during or outside business hours, at your preferred location, and face to face, phone or online.

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