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How can I help you achieve your client’s vision?

Are you a chartered accountant, financial planner or lawyer in Perth with a focus on delivering astute, effective and trusted advice in your areas of expertise to your clients? At some stage in your client’s business life cycle, they are going to want to either expand via an acquisition, or many business owners are at the stage where they are looking to exit the business.

Whatever stage they are at, they are going to require an experienced advisor that understands their objectives. As you are their trusted business advisor, introducing Catheryn Wright… offering a full range of services to support your clients throughout their businesses’ lifecycle.

Catheryn Wright is a leading Mergers & Acquisition specialist based in Perth and is a valuable asset if your client is looking to grow through acquisition. She believes that a successful acquisition and integration starts with careful planning and self-assessment before embarking on a purchase. Catheryn has extensive merger and acquisition expertise, plus buyers interested in buying companies, consolidating businesses and growing through acquisitions.

Catheryn will review your client's company readiness for undertaking an acquisition and achieving a successful integration, then identify likely acquisition or merger prospects based on strategic and financial factors. Together, she will collaborate to determine strategic M&A goals. Catheryn will confidentially contact prospects and screen for qualified and serious prospects, plus assist in evaluation, negotiation and due diligence, and complete the acquisition or merger, including final negotiations, documentation and any post-acquisition or merger matters.

With Catheryn's wealth of mergers and acquisitions experience, she is capable of guiding your client’s business through the most complex mergers and acquisitions scenarios. With a client list that includes public and private companies, private equity funds and the public sector, Catheryn is an invaluable resource for your business to work collaboratively with your client. She knows how to present your client’s business to suitable target prospects in a way that attracts offers and obtain their preferred outcome.

You may have an in-house team to look after your client’s requirements, but if not, Catheryn would like to offer her M&A advisory services to you. If you have a need, now or in the future, and would like a B2B arrangement with an external M&A advisor and broker, please feel free to contact Catheryn for an initial discussion on 0432 371 067 or


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